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 This comprehensive database of motor vehicle dimensions and weights, designed to be used in accident reconstruction, is immune to challenge in court by other lawyers or engineers because the data comes directly from each vehicle manufacturer. 

Our Standard Data Sheet (40 data points) Includes:


  • AAMA Widths & Lengths
  • AAMA Height & Ground Clearance Measurements
  • AAMA Curb Weight
  • AAMA Tire & Wheel Size
  • AAMA Optional Equipment Weights

Additional Information Available:

  • AAMA Headlamp Data
  • Recall Information
  • Acceleration Speeds/Distance
  • Braking Distance
  • VIN Number Analysis
  • AAMA Interior Dimensions
  • Manufacturing Materials Used
  • Center of Gravity Calculations

Pricing Structure:


  • $48.00 Standard Data Sheet
  • $28.00 Mini Data Sheet (12 data points)
  • $15.00 VIN Analysis
  • $15.00 Interior Dimensions
  • Supplement Information Provided at No Extra Charge
  • Same Day Service at No Extra Charge
  • Interior and Exterior Line Drawings and
    Dimensional Explanations at No Extra Charge

Motor Vehicle Data

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